Roof Renovation 101 – Signs It’s Time For an Upgrade

Old Shingles

Asphalt shingles tend to last 15-20 years under good weather conditions and proper installation. If your asphalt roof has gotten near to the end of its life, now might be the right time to update and take advantage of an upgrade option.

Sagging roof shingles are a sure tell that the structure will soon be destroyed – by rottenness or broken rafters. Know when to seek professional help.

Another telltale is bare patches or granules (which cover your shingles to help them shed water and soak up the sun’s UV rays) in your gutters.

Upgrade the look of your home and improve its level of safety, curb appeal and therefore your potential resale value. Upgrade when you have any issues with your roof. Contact a local reputable roofing company that provides free estimates, and speak to their specialists who can help you understand all of your shingle options and help you find the right one for your needs.


A leaky roof will spoil the ceiling, as well as ceiling joists, framing members, trim boards, walls, floor coverings and other things. It’s likely to grow mould and mildew, which will affect your health and, of course, ruin the insulation, increasing your energy bills. If you suspect that your house is being flooded from its roof, have someone else go up with a hose and saturate each cell for a few minutes before locating the source of the leak.

Signs of Damage

The deterioration of your roof is a sign. Dents caused by hail, cracked ceramic tiles, holes, peeling due to rain, stains, corrugated surfaces due to heat, moss accumulation, resistance to water, algae, or superficial cracks caused by drying out during the winter, are indicators of a threat. They are also an indication that you should replace it soon because the remaining percentage of its life is rapidly disappearing. Any damage on your roof is a warning signal. Roof repair is an expensive and tiring task that can severely damage the structure of your home. The longer the time passes, the more severe their effects become.

Roof damage is usually apparent from visible wear, water stains and sagging. Damp odours mean air is trapped somewhere inside your home – air that will cost you more money on energy bills. Mold, mildew and rotting boards can easily reduce R-value.

To help you decide whether you have any of these problems in your house (you can check in the attic, walls and ceilings) take the sagometer quiz: If there is a gently drooping portion anywhere in your home, call a roofing contractor immediately and have the damage inspected by a professional to determine the ‘course of action’ that should be taken with regard to your roof.

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