Creative Small Balcony Garden Ideas

For those who don’t have much space to work with on their balcony, there are many creative small balcony garden ideas that you can implement. Among them is the use of hanging planters. These are a convenient way to put plants where they won’t take up much floor space, and are ideal for herb gardens. Hanging planters can be made from a wooden rack or repurposed furniture, and they are easy to install and customize to fit your space and style. These have two levels, and have hollow sections for growing plants.

If your balcony is large enough, consider using a trellis-like grate covering about one third of the area. This grate will allow you to hang hanging flower containers from the openings. Use different-colored planters to keep your balcony looking more appealing. Alternatively, you can use bucket pots with hooks, or Mason jar planters with hooks. Adding decking will give your balcony a more natural feel and connect you with nature.

Another creative way to add plants to your balcony is to build a vertical garden. You can buy a vertical plant holder or build a ladder with a set of gardening tools. Then you can plant your herbs and veggies on it. Some balconies are so small that you can even grow herbs in ammunition boxes. These can be repurposed into a balcony herb garden. There are endless possibilities with creative small balcony garden ideas.

Plants on a balcony can make a dramatic impact. Plants in hanging planters and on rail pots can create an amazing, upscale look. And, if you’re hosting a dinner party on your balcony, a small garden can be a spillout space. Just think of the possibilities! You’ll be glad you did! You’ll never know who’ll pop in for a visit!

To make your balcony look more attractive, add potted plants in different sizes and shapes. If you have a small space, you can even add a wooden pallet or some painted trellis. Choose pots in vibrant colors that draw the eye. For an inviting, warm space, try planting sweet alyssum, begonias, geraniums, and petunias in colorful planters. Add faux grass and a few colorful pots.

Tiered planters can be an effective space-saving solution for smaller balconies. These containers allow urban gardeners to make the most of the limited space on their balcony by maximizing growing space. Furthermore, they ensure that all planters get sufficient sunlight. There are various tiered planters available on the market that can accommodate herbs, leafy greens, and decorative plants. Some of them are even wall-mounted, which is another good option for efficiency.

Some balcony garden ideas can be borrowed from the rooftops of North Africa. These terraces are filled with lush vegetation and are often furnished with pillows, cushions, and sheepskin rugs. They are also decorated with a tropical plant. If space allows, you can use string lights to make the terrace look more comfortable and relaxing. You can even add some bamboo rolls to the floor and use them as plant stands. A variety of other small balcony garden ideas include placing a pink flamingo for visual interest.

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