Complete Pool Renovation: A Homeowner’s Guide

Remodeling your swimming pool area is a big decision to make. You really want to give your pool a make-over but as of now, you may not know where to start. Thus, here are some important details when you desire to have a complete pool renovation soon.

Hiring a Pool Service Contractor

You need to find the most reliable pool service contractor in your area. To do this, you should talk to the candidates and hear their estimates. Not only the price that they offer, but you should also check the work that they have finished. Assuming that you found the best candidate, have the contractor inspect your pool area so that they can have a better idea of the complete pool renovation work that they will soon perform.

At Professional Aquatic Services, they are prepared to show you the pool areas that they have transformed with their pool remodeling services. They have a working system that will make sure that unexpected delays with suppliers do not affect the completion of the renovation job, whether it is pool resurfacing, pool decking, pool tiling, or a complete pool renovation service.

The Pool Remodeling Process

This is an overview of the pool remodeling or complete pool renovation process:

  1. Draining water from the swimming pool.

Using a submersible pump and hose that leads to the street, the pool’s water will be drained. This may take from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the size of the swimming pool.

  • Chipping out and priming the pool surface.

If pool tiling is requested, the contractor will then start chipping out the old tiles. Of all the steps here, this is the loudest. It may take half the day, so either you endure the experience or leave your home for a while if the noise annoys you. After this, the area will be cleaned, and the shells will be removed.

  • Pool tiling.

Before the pool remodeling starts, you must have chosen the tile design for your new pool. In this stage, the contractor will first apply the grout. Depending on the size of the pool or the number of the tiles, this may take a day or two. But if you have chosen a plaster finish, the tile trims on the pool steps will be added on the last day of the process.

  • Surface and pebble application.

In applying the plaster, you should expect trucks to come in. The process usually lasts 4 to 6 hours. Then, a quick pebble application should be completed. After that, the pool is finished with an acid wash.

  • Adding the water and balancing the chemicals.

For you to see the complete look of your remodeled pool, water will be added. This may take from 12 to as long as 48 hours, depending again to the size of the pool. After continuously filling the pool with water, you can turn the water flow off once it is filled. Then, chemicals will be added and balanced. Allow Professional Aquatic Services to provide you exceptional complete pool renovation service at a competitive price. With us, expect pool design experts to assist you in redesigning your pool and making it look better and last longer. 

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