Furniture For Style and Function

Furniture refers to movable residential objects meant to support various human tasks including eating, eating, and resting. Furniture is commonly used to hold things in a convenient height for working, or to conveniently store items. Furniture is an artistic creation and is often considered a decorative art. In some instances, furniture is designed and built to last forever. However, the majority of furniture that we use in our homes is usually temporary and wears out or breaks down after a certain amount of time.

Louis Comfort Tiffany is generally credited with being the first true designer of modern furniture. His designs included elaborate carvings and decorative elements, as well as the basic box structure that are characteristic of all modern furniture. From his observations of village life in France and England, he came up with the concept of contrasting colors, light and dark. His designs are largely a result of a need for something simple, but elegant. As he traveled to various European countries, he observed how different people used furniture and how their customs were different from each other. Thus, he created his unique vision which includes arched louvered, twisted wood paneling, open face chairs, as well as intricate metalwork and glass work.

Though most furniture today is made from hardwood, there are those who prefer to use oak for its natural beauty and resistance to decay. This wood was originally harvested from the oak trees, known as black oak in Europe and America, and commonly referred to as African Black Oak. However, due to deforestation in Asia and other areas, this species has been pushed into the Endangered Species List. Because of this reason, it is not easy to obtain this type of oak furniture. Some people prefer using hardwoods because they are more durable and cost less, while others choose the beauty and character of antique furniture made from this very unique wood.

Marble furniture is another beautiful addition to your interior decoration. It is easy to make use of marble furniture pieces. You will need to have marble tiles, wooden or metal frames with ornate carvings and columns that hold them up. The use of colored marbles is recommended to make your furniture more attractive.

Chest of drawers and small furniture with fine wood finishes like mahogany and walnut will look good on any living room or bedroom. For example, if you want to put a chest of drawers with a nice finish on the wall adjacent to your bedroom, you can place a large mirror on top of the chest to reflect it. Another nice idea for small furniture with wood finishing is making use of flower boxes instead of conventional mirrors. You can place them on the side of the door leading to the bedroom.

If you want your home to have an ethnic or country flavor, it will be nice to use pieces of furniture with materials that are similar to the wood used in their production. If you use wooden tables and chairs with red or yellow upholstery, it will be very impressive to your guests. It is very easy to find decorative furniture pieces on the Internet. There are websites that provide details about different styles of furniture and other details related to them.

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