A Furniture App That Makes Shopping Easier

Shopping for furniture can be a difficult and time-consuming task, making the app experience easier for users who need assistance selecting their pieces of furniture from different stores.

An effective furniture app should feature an advanced search capability to display items in real-time and provide detailed descriptions for every product as well as cost information to customers.


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Send messages safely within the app without texting back and forth or having to juggle schedules like you would with Craigslist. Purchasing a membership unlocks additional perks.

Room & Board

Room & Board is a national retailer of modern home furniture that partners with small makers across the US to produce dining, bedroom and living room pieces in styles ranging from classic to contemporary – as well as being versatile and functional.

Room and Board’s furniture collections are inspired by timeless design movements. Their furniture features clean lines and durable materials; this is especially evident in their selection of upholstered sofas like the Metro sectional couch.

Room & Board offers a selection of coffee tables beginning at $229 that combine style with functionality, coming in many shapes, sizes, finishes and shapes made from reclaimed wood. Furthermore, their newly launched Business Interiors division combines residential-grade style with commercial capabilities by offering products tailored specifically towards businesses and organizations.

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder is one of India’s premier furniture e-tailers, operating primarily as an online marketplace to offer home solutions to help Indian urbanites build well-furnished homes. Their business model centers on providing individuals with home and office interior solutions as well as customisation services; primary customer segments being individuals searching for furniture, lifestyle and decor products along with customisation services.

Mission of this company: Transforming how people shop for home furniture and decor by harnessing technology with customer-first attitudes. Additionally, its online shop boasts an expansive physical footprint, as well as a robust delivery network; additionally it boasts an in-house design studio and offers customers financing solutions.

Furniture made from high-grade engineered wood is durable and termite resistant, while prices are competitive and affordable. Simplywud offers low-cost furniture options such as shoe racks, bed frames, sofa sets and wardrobes at competitive rates.


Roomie allows users to control their home theater system from any iPhone or iPad, as well as sync settings across devices – this feature is especially handy for couples sharing one device.

Roomie offers an impressive list of features, from lighting and shades control to advanced macros allowing users to program activities such as dimming the lights and closing shades. Furthermore, Roomie can be used with hardware accessories that convert IP signals to Infrared or serial signals for use with Roomie.

Roomie is available as a free download on iOS devices, but currently does not support Android phones or devices. However, the company is working on an update which will make Roomie Android compatible in early 2024 and include several enhancements – from support for TVs with full keyboard controls to new widgets designed with the company’s updated style and framework.

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