How to Create the Best Kitchen Designs

No matter if you are an accomplished chef or simply microwaving instant noodles, the kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in any home. Make it truly yours with these stylish yet functional kitchen designs which prioritize both style and function.

Neutral cabinetry may seem like the safe choice, but why not add some pop of color with your backsplash? Whittney Parkinson Design combined different shades of blue with copper for this kitchen’s dynamic atmosphere.

1. Painted Ceilings

Painting your ceiling with pink can easily add a pop of color and warmth to your kitchen, and Elizabeth Krueger Design have used light wood paneling on theirs, adding welcoming texture that makes this space feel inviting and warm.

If a timeless or classic look appeals to you, consider installing a coffered ceiling. This grid-like feature can instantly elevate the kitchen and make it feel more sophisticated; Whittney Parkinson Design proves this with their kitchen, which boasts various shades and tints of white for a truly original design.

2. Mixing Patterns

Although minimalism is an increasingly popular trend in kitchen design, that doesn’t mean sticking with only straightforward textures and colors; mixing patterns and styles can create a more diverse appearance.

This kitchen by INDada showcases an eclectic combination of shapes and materials with dark wood surfaces alternating with light wooden structures for an eclectic combination. Additionally, its carbon gray cabinetry combines warm natural tones with fresh green accents for a lush composition.

If you want a modern kitchen design, pair your counters with an organic backsplash for a timeless but fashionable aesthetic. Furthermore, add window treatments that won’t block natural light; this is especially helpful if your space serves as an entertaining venue and need to hide clutter.

3. Multiple Shades of Cabinetry

Color selection is key when designing a kitchen, and contrasting cabinets can add an eye-catching accent. Usually upper and lower cabinets will feature different hues; if your room is large enough though, you could opt for one cabinet that incorporates both. Perhaps consider matching lowers to the ceiling color or adding a patterned backsplash for an eye-catching space.

Opposite colors on the color wheel can also create an eye-catching design, such as this green and blue kitchen by Whittney Parkinson Design. A light wood finish can add warmth to the room without going too bold; choosing this option could also help anchor it more neutrally.

MasterBrand reports that gray cabinets have seen an upswing in popularity as homeowners look for an ideal compromise between modern and traditional styles. Their neutral hue works well with many elements and won’t show water spots or wear as easily.

4. Open Shelving

Open shelving is an effortless kitchen design idea that is sure to add impact, whether you need somewhere to put cookbooks or want to display heirloom ceramics. But you should keep the style and items you display in mind in order to achieve an appealing look; longer shelves work best for storing functional items like glasses and extra crockery than shorter shelves that make it harder to see what lies within each stack.

To maintain a tidy appearance, choose shelves with minimal brackets that complement the color of your walls or cabinetry. For an even cleaner presentation, consider opting for shelves recessed into the wall, such as those found recessed into your kitchen island – open shelves provide more openness in terms of layout!

5. Blue and White

Andrea McQueen Design takes this concept even further by pairing modern elements with cozy cottage vibes in this kitchen designed by Andrea McQueen Design, including subway tile backsplashes, open shelving units, and woven bar stools that all work perfectly with its dusty blue cabinetry.

White cabinets are an iconic choice in kitchen design, pairing beautifully with numerous hues. If you want to add depth and some pop of color without going too far, consider creating a two-tone kitchen using bright blue lower cabinets and white upper ones – sherwin-Williams Searching Blue and Behr Durango Blue are great examples of this look – while brass hardware brings out their cool tones for an instantly upgraded room!

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